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No SEO, no ads, no spy/malware here!

Hi there!


  • Subdomain of or within 3 months
  • Hosting for small static personal sites (up to 3 .html files) for temporay purpose like CV application, exercises of IT student.

Membership *funding from pool*

  • Subdomain of,,; commercial sites or something like marketing/SEO only with subdomain of
  • Hosting for small static personal sites, i.e. online CV (up to 10 .html files) or small script python/php. You can choose among continents like Asia, North America and Europe.
  • Email forwarding {name} for group/small organization or {name} for person, only members >6 months can have email {name}
  • Sharing Windows 10/Linux in group membership *not for the purpose of storage*

Xtra fees

  • Web hosting/VPS: 1$-5$/month
  • IT support: 15-20$/hour, min 10$
  • Web developing: 20-25$/hour
  • IT consulting: 50$/hour
  • Broker/reseller, freelancer: negotiations
Payment methods: Paypal, bank transfer in EU or Vietnam (+ Viettelpay)

Server location


  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan


  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Romania


  • California
  • Missouri
  • North Carolina
We don't offer subdomain or host on server in Vietnam simply because the price is high, internet speed is low and unstable.
    Long term domain
  1. cluster, load balance, with cloudflare
  2. personal use, without cloudflare (unmasked your server ip)
  3. for all websites of members which are in the public eye or providing goods/services
    Short/mid term domain
  1. with cloudflare, we're considering if we should continue to use .de domain *
  2. without cloudflare, connect to nat or vps of members, who often work online

* The Impressum is where you list your contact information. This page is mandatory for all commercial websites operated by a German person or organization, even if the website is hosted in another country or has a .com domain1. A personal, non-commercial website does not need an Impressum1. In other words, if you live in Germany and use your website to make money or promote a business, you need an Impressum.

Privacy policy (Datenschutzerklärung): Your website must have a privacy policy where you outline how you collect, process and use data about your users. Any German resident or company who runs a website, even for non-commercial purposes.

If you use images with a Creative Commons licence, make sure you properly attribute the author. In Germany, using the wrong attribution format can be a costly mistake.

If your website generates income, it's a business. If it's not part of a registered business, you will need to register it with the Gewerbeamt and the Finanzamt.

The Telemediengestz says that ads on a website must be clearly labelled. You can't disguise an ad as genuine content. Otherwise, it's surreptitious advertising (Schleichwerbung), and you can get an Abmahnung for "unfair competition".