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Payment methods: Paypal, bank transfer in EU or Vietnam (+ Viettelpay)
    Long term domain
  1. cluster, load balance, with cloudflare
  2. personal use, without cloudflare (unmasked your server ip)
    Short/mid term domain
  1. with cloudflare, we're considering if we should continue to use .de domain *
  2. without cloudflare, connect to nat or vps of members, who often work online

* The Impressum is where you list your contact information. This page is mandatory for all commercial websites operated by a German person or organization, even if the website is hosted in another country or has a .com domain1. A personal, non-commercial website does not need an Impressum1. In other words, if you live in Germany and use your website to make money or promote a business, you need an Impressum.

Privacy policy (Datenschutzerklärung): Your website must have a privacy policy where you outline how you collect, process and use data about your users. Any German resident or company who runs a website, even for non-commercial purposes.

If you use images with a Creative Commons licence, make sure you properly attribute the author. In Germany, using the wrong attribution format can be a costly mistake.

If your website generates income, it's a business. If it's not part of a registered business, you will need to register it with the Gewerbeamt and the Finanzamt.

The Telemediengestz says that ads on a website must be clearly labelled. You can't disguise an ad as genuine content. Otherwise, it's surreptitious advertising (Schleichwerbung), and you can get an Abmahnung for "unfair competition".