Ha Noi, 12 flowers seasons

Each season of the year, Hanoi Capital is adorned by different typical flowers. To local people or Hanoi Lovers, it is easy to recognize the time as the beginning of certain flowers blossoms.

In January, peach flowers starts blossom to welcome spring. A truly Lunar New Year (Tet) atmosphere in Hanoi people’s minds cannot be completed without peach branches.

About 7km away from the center of Hanoi, Nhat Tan Flowers Village, a well-known peach-flower traditional village, is busy with its business as Lunar New Year get closer. Many people visit the village to enjoy the early atmosphere of Tet.

Old coriander is selling everywhere in the markets. For a long time, the habit of heating water with old coriander to bath before Lunar New Year’s Eve with the meaning washing all bad lucks of the old year away has been become a beautiful and characterized tradition of Vietnamese.

Hoa Ban (or Bauhinia Variegata flowers) is recognized as the flower symbol of the Northwestern Vietnam. But in recent years, it becomes more popular in Ha Noi. The image of Ban trees lines flowering in violet during February besides Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum has attracted many visitors for photos taking.
In March, Ha Noi is beautiful in white with HoaSưa (or Dalbergiabouruanagagu flowers) which only last for a few days.
As whiteLily flowers arrives town, we know that April is coming. Pure white flowers packaged and lined up neatly behind bikes on streets is a beautiful memory in many people.
May is the season of violet Banaba and red Flamboyant flowerswhich are associated with the one of the most innocent moments of Ha Noi students’ generations.
When the violet color of banaba flowers becomes fainted, we start seeing blazing red flamboyant flowers along the streets.
Lotus with its pure beauty and perfume is the symbol of June in Hanoi.
Arriving Hanoi during June, visitors would have a chance to see the natural and pure beauty of lotus flowers in full bloom, especially in HồTây (West Lake).
Ha Noi is smell of HoaSấu (or Dracontomelonduperreanum flowers) in July which you might not notice its arrival due to the small size.
Just only suddenly recognize these little beauties as the streets are yellowed with their leaves.
The Capital welcomes August with HoaDâu Da Xoan (or Clausenaexcavataburm flowers).
Hoa Sữa (or Blackboard tree flowers) brings September to Ha Noi. The image of lightly yellow flowers with fragrant perfume has entered into songs about autumn in Hanoi.
As the transition time between autumn and winter of October, Ha Noi attracts visitors with HoaCúc (or Daisy)in various colors from yellow to white.
November is the time of Purple Asters. These little beauties have gone soon before winter winds arrive.
December comes with yellow blumea flowers along river’s band.

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